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Invest in Your Karma - Donate Now.

8 Day 556, 01:46 Published in Australia Australia

The Strength of a Country is measured in the Strength of the People. I would like to put out the call for people to help our country grow stronger and to Help our government out by using your cash for worthy causes.

To set an example this is what

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Thank You to eAustralia - AIP Secure 10 Seats in Elections

6 Day 553, 02:14 Published in Australia Australia

Thank you to all the eAussies that voted for AIP Candidates this elections. It was an overwhelming turnout and AIP doubled the amount of Seats in Senate.

This was a great show from your all that as individuals we want our voices heard and that we

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Support the People that Support You.

21 Day 551, 03:38 Published in Australia Australia

Would like to point out some great work by private citizens and recommend you contact them and support their endeavors.

AusEAid – A privately funded charity service that helps new players or player struggling with not only wellness but

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StewartB - Australian Independent and Proud. (AIP)

7 Day 550, 13:45 Published in Australia Australia

Since joining the game I have founded Eureka Holdings and trained up Maverick Goh to become CEO, and he has done me proud the companies are going from strength to strength. A group of companies for people to feel at home at and for aspiring GM's to

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Private Donations - Help eAus be Stronger.

13 Day 549, 22:44 Published in Australia Australia

The government does a great job but been thinking lately and as private business owners and senators we could be doing a lot more.

I am at a level now that I do not spend that much money each day and starting to have some left over I am sure

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