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Surprise Face on my return to eAustralia

6 Day 984, 05:34 Published in Australia Australia

I was happily surfing the world when a fellow ecitizen informs me of what has been happening here. I was surprised and shocked at the events that has befallend eAustralia. So Here I am back in the fray to help return our proud ecountry to

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ALP- Mental Health Policy

14 Day 566, 18:13 Published in Australia Australia

Due to recent events ALP thought it would be timely to release our policy on Mental Health. ALP aims to provide support to erep citizens who have a history of flaming and anti social behaviour within the community.

Any caring

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Enduring Labor Values - Building a Stronger and Fairer eAus

13 Day 564, 15:31 Published in Australia Australia

The Labor Party embodies the continuing pursuit of a society which values our security; champions
fairness and equality; believes in communities and families; promotes social justice and
compassion; supports freedom, liberty and enterprise; and

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Election Results - The Winner Democracy!

3 Day 564, 02:17 Published in Australia Australia

Wow what a day very very close win by Tim09 over Xavier. However I am not going to spend too much time on the candidates. What I want to highlight is that there were 431 Voters at this elections that is up from 343 last month.

Why am I excited

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Thoughts for our Friends - RL Injury to eRep Friends.

30 Day 556, 20:36 Published in Australia Australia

I will add more detail later however in RL I have just found out some of our erep friends have been involved in a car Accident - Alias136 ,Mr Bubbles and Audiojellyfish

Alias136 is fine with just a few scratches
Audiojellyfish has a broken

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