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One Falls Another will take thier Place

7 Day 1,012, 08:11 Published in Australia Australia

A good friend has fallen today. PeterGladwell has announced he is leaving the game.

I am here to take his place. He is a great man but can understand his leaving. He has given much time and effort over the past year to free our great country.

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Want Something to believe in?

1 Day 1,005, 22:38 Published in Australia Australia

Paladin Alliance has been formed to bring like minded people from around the world together in the effort to free countries from PTO's.

First Stop is eAustralia. If you believe in Freedom, If you believe in the power of United People. If you

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Random Thoughts

2 Day 1,005, 06:07 Published in Australia Australia

I in the past have been accused of being a little serious in this game. So here are my random musings to entertain the reader.

Am regularly entertained by the act of flaming it is the erep equivalent of going out with mates and watching them get

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ALP Needs You - Dreams are made by people who do.

6 Day 1,004, 21:53 Published in Australia Australia

Workers are the foundation of any country so come have your say. Our party will be fighting for your rights and also be supporting you to help you grow.

Do not let your voice go unheard. Workers lets unite and build a strong country and economy

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Australian Labour Party - StewartB PP

1 Day 1,000, 01:21 Published in Australia Australia

Well first step in the Plan accomplished. After much time away I am back and leading the ALP. Now it is time to build it and take to Glory.

Stay Tuned to this article to see the plans for the party.

Positions Available

Policy Writer -

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