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Successful Teams

2 Day 514, 00:51 Published in Australia Australia

Have a Strong Leader:
A strong leader in a team is essential as it gives the whole team direction and focus. A strong leader will know when to give praise to the team but also know when to bring the team into line with a firm hand. A strong leader

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Private Wellness Program : A Question of Ethics or Good Business in eWorld

27 Day 511, 18:08 Published in Australia Australia

Today I was talking to a fellow eAussie and they asked me the question. Is it ethical to be using wars to increase our population’s wellness? Is this really in the spirit of the game? It gave me reasons to pause as I have been a big supporter of the

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Through the Eyes of a New Player - Maverick Goh

7 Day 511, 05:14 Published in Australia Australia

I started eRepublik about 2 months ago after coming across an advertisement for it in a Japanese comic website (of all places!). I was intrigued by what it said, and so I joined eRepublik thinking it was just an online game of war. How wrong I was!

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Let's Have Fun and Build a more Active Population

9 Day 510, 05:47 Published in Australia Australia

Now everyone knows that the biggest problem we have in eAustralia is our population. So what can we do about it?

In my humble opinion the biggest thing we need to do is make it fun and keep people active. Now talking to the people that I deal

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Why make eAustralia Strong? Why Invest the time?

15 Day 508, 03:55 Published in Australia Australia

I have been here nearly a month now, yes still a newbie in the eyes of some of the older players but hopefully growing and earning my keep as each day passes.

I am writing this article to give some insight into why I joined the community and why

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