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Bobius - True Blue Candidate for Vic

1 Day 517, 06:17 Published in Australia Australia


It is StewartB here I am writing this article on behalf of Bobius because I feel strongly about him as a candidate for government.

Since joining this game Bobius has been my right hand man. He has been passionate and most of all a

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Maverick Goh - True Blue Candidate for NT

4 Day 517, 06:08 Published in Australia Australia

Maverick Goh

Though a relative newcomer, Maverick has been looking for opportunities to best serve eAustralia. He devotes a substantial amount of time to analysing and playing the game, particularly in the economics side of things. He would like

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Your Voice - Your View's - Let them be Heard!

1 Day 517, 02:22 Published in Australia Australia

We see a lot of articles from the same people, myself included. We need more fresh views. especially from the new players.
Fresh eyes on problems will often see areas we can improve that people who have been looking at the problem for too long.

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Code of the Paladin

0 Day 515, 05:00 Published in Australia Australia

Code of the Paladin

“Ever vigilant I protect the meek, those who will not raise their hand in defense for themselves; the poor, for they are God’s children and flock; the humble, for they serve God; and the stray, for they need guidance also, to

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Yes you heard it Right. I am running for Senate.

21 Day 514, 07:03 Published in Australia Australia

Hi Everyone,
Since joiningg the game I have been having more and more fun. I have met some great people have started 3 Companies and help get the Private Wellness Program moving with World Brokerage Firm. Recently I have joined Cabinet as Co-

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