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eThailand vs eMalaysia - War Pending.

12 Day 526, 03:36 Published in Australia Australia

eThailand is currently voting on if to go to war with eMalaysia and at the time of writing it was 23 votes yes to 3 votes no with 2 hours to go. Now this got my attention because as a eAussie who's land is not all our own it strikes at my heart.

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StewartB in Congress - Thank-You to all eAussies that Vote.

7 Day 523, 05:12 Published in Australia Australia

A big Heartful thank you from myself to all the eAussies that voted I am thankful and proud to be your representative in Congress.

I will make you all proud and put all my resources and passion into improving eAustralia.

I also want to take

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Story of Inspiration - Timothy Rogers

10 Day 522, 19:25 Published in Australia Australia

I am a relatively new player, having only played for just under two months. In my first few weeks I was extremely newbish and knew nothing of the game. I was still intrigued by the whole new world concept. After my first week and a half I travelled

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eAustralia - A Proud Aussie's Perspective

8 Day 521, 19:37 Published in Australia Australia

I am coming up to just on 6 weeks here and I have to say I am getting prouder by the day. I have noticed a great shift in the community of late. We are concerntrating on helping each other more and more and less flaming.

We are a strong country

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Eureka Holdings - Company with Heart

2 Day 519, 17:23 Published in Australia Australia

Eureka Holdings

I am the CEO of Eureka Holdings. We are looking for people who want to build a long term realtionship with the place they work.

We are developing a group of Companies which will look after their employees as if they were family.

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