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Come Forth and Join - Community Alliance Party is here

8 Day 1,551, 17:21 Published in Australia Australia First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik more »

Musing of a Mad Man

3 Day 1,236, 15:14 Published in Australia Australia

Was sitting in my castle the other day looking down on the fields watching the worker toil in the fields and got to thinking about the meaning of life.

Is this all there is to life? Should I be down in the fields myself along side the serfs?

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Seeking Workers - Stew's Food and Weapons

3 Day 1,235, 21:27 Published in Australia Australia

Want to be part of a community who look after each other. New to the game and seeking advice. Come work for me and get the personal attention that you deserve where the companies are run for the employees and we all share in it's success.


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Do eAussies have Friends or are we just online nigels?

32 Day 1,233, 15:02 Published in Australia Australia

I would like everyone to look at their profile and how many of us have the society builder award? My guess would be not many of us at all.

I checked the Top 10 of our citizens and only 1 SRG91 had this achievement. What does they say about our

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eAustralia - Pride and Passion Still Reigns

6 Day 1,230, 03:46 Published in Australia Australia

It has been nearly 12 months since I was last here. It is great to see the Pride and Passion is still around. The real world keeps kidnapping me however I am back for a while.

I am bring also into the game some newbies as this will game does

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