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An all-too-familiar apology

14 Day 775, 16:27 Published in Norway Norway

From the Norwegian press, January 6th, 2009, brought to you by sarcasm and time travel.

An article from the future

Another President election is over, and we had even more votes then last time. In the end Reboot got the

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Norway internally crippled by partisan self-interest

31 Day 770, 20:19 Published in Norway Norway

Twas the night before Jul, when all through the hus
Not a smaadyr was stirring, not even a mus.
The stokkings were hung by the chimni with care,
In hopes that Stassi soon would be there TO ATTACK!

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Christmas with hX.Stassi

5 Day 765, 07:35 Published in Norway Norway

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Valgtale: I'm running for Congress again and I love you forever. Hugs!

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Lana PTOs eRepublik HQ

55 Day 753, 02:58 Published in Norway Norway

Breaking News: Lana is a Soviet Spy

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Indonesian media interviews President Eris

1 Day 747, 09:38 Published in Norway Norway

eNorwegian President Eris Caelestis interview in foreign news

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