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[WCA#4] A Senatorial Slaughterhouse.

5 Day 548, 22:58 Published in Australia Australia

Hokay. So I’ve been working on this compilation to try and raise some more broad perspective of the parties coming up. I’ve included in each party (sorry Royalists, I just don’t know enough) a basic rundown of each party as well as a list of

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[WCA #3] An Ode to Atlantis

4 Day 543, 09:04 Published in Australia Australia

With the current state of worldwide warfare I know it is hard to believe we have just reached quite possibly the most peaceful state this eWorld has ever seen. Why? Because ATLANTIS is done. Poking around the worldwide media circuit I have found

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[WCA#2] The Failed Revolution

4 Day 538, 20:32 Published in Australia Australia

It was a hot November afternoon when we first fought the furious fight. We arose, believing our allies were behind us, believing we had the support network of a wonder-bra. But alas we found ourselves surrounded by weak, and unorganized

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[WCA] The Arrival.

20 Day 529, 21:03 Published in Australia Australia

Who am I?
I am the night. I make the day seem brighter than it is. I know darkness, pain, and solitude. I am treachery, corruption, and sin. Yet I am beautiful. Only through me can you ever hope to see the stars—the ones that glimmer … read more »


2 Day 516, 14:54 Published in China China

My company, Votive Victuals, is for sale on the private market by PM only. It is a Q2 food company with 2300 grain in it's stores valued at over 60 gold, however I am willing to sell it for less. If you are interested please PM me. Also we can

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