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The War

12 Day 4,344, 12:14 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Where will you be, when your country goes to war to help our allies in peril?

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Wing Commander **

29 Day 4,334, 23:35 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

it took... I do not even know, how long. Almost a year for sure - but in the end, I have managed to climb another aerial rank, … read more »

How much do you Spin?

30 Day 4,329, 00:36 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Financial business Financial business

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

changes are starting to creep upon us (with the latest uproar in introducing new Aviator pack and 4 layers of Air read more »

[eRep] Player "retention" in last 100 days

44 Day 4,298, 00:55 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Greeting, citizens of eRepublik,

each week on Tuesday, I write down the number of "active" citizens (whatever that number actually represents in terms of … read more »

[Congress] NO (and Neutral) report

10 Day 4,297, 03:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Greeting, citizens of Netherlands,

due to the popularity of negativity enjoyed by certain individual... beings in Netherlands, we release a "NO (and Neutral) read more »