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Thanks eSpain! You will forever stay in my heart

81 Day 2,316, 15:14 Published in Spain Spain Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

A long time ago, an year ago, my country, Bulgaria was erased for a long time so I decided to find a new motherland...I am a farmer, but no country with more bonuses accepted my application for CS. Finally Spain accepted my CS 🙂

I was quite

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Time to help the young farmers / Време е да подпомогнем младите фермери

41 Day 2,195, 15:11 Published in Spain Spain Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

For English version - see below.

От доста време става все по-трудно за младите играчи да се занимават с фермене.
А според мене ферменето е най-добрият начин човек да се издържа и да еЖивее.
Крайно време е по-старите акаунти да почнем да подпо

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Imagine that tomorrow you no longer play this game...

15 Day 2,191, 13:49 Published in Spain Spain Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

...What memories you will have from it?
Did you make friends? Did you make enemies?

This is my first article 😉

Няма да има версия на статията на български, защото всички българи знаят това което пиша.
No version in
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