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Come to Tasmania, and vote for CQL

4 Day 794, 15:35 Published in Australia Australia

Not so long ago, in a continent down under...

The Pizza Menace

It is a time of great civil unrest. Rebel players, striking from a hidden base, have won a great
victory in the form of PTOing the former Australian Democratic
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Australian RM Company Listing

5 Day 734, 17:28 Published in Australia Australia
It's done! I finally did it... I think. I created a spreadsheet of all the Raw Material Companies located in eAustralia. I used a combination of looking … read more »

Re-elect the Queen of Queensland

2 Day 701, 23:36 Published in Australia Australia

G'day fellow Queenslanders! Election time rolls around again so soon, and I want to continue to represent you in the Senate. I want to thank you all who voted for me in last month's election. Your support has helped me to continue to gather the

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One campaign goal accomplished!

1 Day 677, 03:11 Published in Australia Australia

I promised my fellow Queenslanders a Q5 Hospital, and I delivered! Well, quite honestly, I barely had anything to do with it. In fact, it got installed shortly before my re-election. So talk about quickly accomplishing one campaign goal. It may

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Official Platform of Crazy Quilt Lady

3 Day 671, 17:08 Published in Australia Australia

I am an active member of the Australian business community having run multiple companies since January. I have been an Australian citizen since the time zaney was Prime Minister. This makes me one of the remaining old guard … read more »