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Move and Vote on Aug. 25th

1 Day 1,007, 00:55 Published in Canada Canada

With the UK advancing back into there territories with the aid of France, parties now have a surplus of candidates as many already set in place in contested regions are looking to run on home soil. Unfortunately this means we will only be running

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Thank you SPeC !

0 Day 1,001, 01:08 Published in Canada Canada

Today is a day I've been looking forward to for quite some time. It's an honer and a privilege to serve as your party president for the Aug./Sep. term.

I was extremely encouraged by the turnout yesterday as 31.58% of SPeC members cast there

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The Future is Ours!

3 Day 970, 19:59 Published in Canada Canada

Fellow Socialists,

As I retake my position as Party President, there are many problems we must solve and things we must do to regain our standing in eCanada. Here is what I will be doing.

Our party manifesto is essential to establishing we

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Socialists Support Dade Pendwyn!

10 Day 925, 14:00 Published in Canada Canada

The Socialist Party of eCanada is proud to announce its support of Dade Pendwyn in the June 5th Presidential election. We believe his experience and knowledge of eRepublik position him as the best leader for our country.

Dade’s COLA goals show us

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Introducing the Socialist Party of eCanada

10 Day 924, 23:51 Published in Canada Canada

The Communist Party of eCanada has become the Socialist Party of eCanada. We have decided to make the change to better reflect the actualities of eRepublik, and our own personal views. This does not mean we are abandoning our far-left ideology, but

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