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The coup that lies behind (also, e-drama omnibus)

23 Day 423, 07:01 Published in Austria Austria

Hello citizens. It's your former President talking in the hour of need.

There are some people around here, mostly from "our" government, who are telling you that everything is good and fine and that we don't need to worry about anything.


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December team

8 Day 387, 05:28 Published in Austria Austria

I am now presenting the President team for December.

Country President: Aanok Tourmil [ALP]

Country Vice-President: Q J Lincoln [ASA]

Minister of Economic Affairs: Don Michael Corleone [ASA]

Bank of Austria

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Our Country treasury has been stolen

25 Day 385, 12:30 Published in Austria Austria

No, it's not a joke. God knows I wish it were.

First of all, know the names of the thieves: Andak and our former President, Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Nov. Yeah, you read right. The same guy I wanted to be my successor in November.

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What an electoral struggle, lol

5 Day 382, 05:33 Published in Austria Austria

Man, it's been hard winning these elections 😛

Thank you all citizens who voted me and put your trust in me. The same goes for the Party Presidents who decided not to have one of their men run for the elections. Truly, thank you all, people!

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December mandate programme

9 Day 379, 07:13 Published in Austria Austria

Hello again, citizens.

Some of you replied to my last article with a «yeah, right, good guy. Now what are you really going to do next month?».
So I say, here it is.
Please note that this comes largely from Mappina's suggestions. God

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