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Let make eIndia Great Again

7 Day 4,259, 16:20 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

"I had enough of shit... I dont care"

"Im coming to take the world by storm"

"We are coming.. We are the Hunter"

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[XSidewinderX] For President

5 Day 3,635, 16:41 Published in India India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

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[Infern0] The protector of eIndonesia - Elites and Ghost MU

41 Day 3,611, 17:56 Published in Indonesia Indonesia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear eIndonesian friends!

We eIndonesia are very proud for the support we got from our allies last few days and we want to thank you! Even though we are not strong like in the past,
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[MoFA-India] Interview Rusty D CP of eIreland

18 Day 3,542, 10:23 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Greetings to all People around the world, this is my third Ministry of Foreign Affairs article in eIndia.

Today I would like to present to you an interview with former Australian CP
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[XSidewinderX] eIreland revenge

5 Day 3,381, 08:41 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear citizens of India, be ready to reload your guns because we will be back on the battlefield soon

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