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Bisa97 for Senate in SA!!

3 Day 885, 22:22 Published in Australia Australia

Short & Sweet & to the Point...

I am for being offensive...

I am not for sitting around and waiting on WA or any other eAus territory that may be occupied in the future

I am for being an ACTIVE member of the community

I am for

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Support eAus Businesses on the Stock Exchange - ERX

2 Day 866, 21:13 Published in Australia Australia

Ok, as many of you know the ERX stock exchange is up and running at full speed. With that said, what better way to support your fellow eAus businesses than to purchase shares in their companies. Please follow this link, [link]

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Pizza The Hut Up to His Old Tricks

3 Day 840, 21:26 Published in Australia Australia

Looks like PTH has made the move from eAus to eUS and is making a mess of things in the AAP. Please reference the link below to see what is going on and vote it up so the eUS doesn't have to suffer the same pain we did with PTH.


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Vote Bisa97 for 4th Consecutive Term in Senate - WA!!!

5 Day 824, 16:26 Published in Australia Australia

Fellow eAussies,

I've officially decided to run for my fourth consecutive term for senate in Western Australia (WA)... As I have done the last three elections I will post a little about myself and from there where I stand on current events

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ANP Brings the Heat -- 17 Senate Seats in Jan Elections!

16 Day 798, 00:35 Published in Australia Australia

Thanks to all who showed up in force to vote ANP tonight. You made your voices heard fellow eAussies and we in ANP are proud to be serving you this coming term in Senate. Below are the list of the 17 ANP members and the regions they were elected

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