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Running for the American Liberty Party!

1 Day 4,344, 17:30 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I feel I can build this party into something that can be a force to be reckoned with! I will be actively looking for senators and politicians to help me build this party. I feel this party has been dormant for too long! Vote for me and lets see if

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Drunk ERepubliking!

1 Day 2,560, 21:44 Published in USA USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

This is a fun randomness article about stupid things. The top 5 things I'm thinking about right now.

1. "Singing" I got the hole wide world in my hannds, i got the hole wide world in my hands.

2. Can't we all get along? Absolutely not, you

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Job Market Analysis

2 Day 2,556, 00:20 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

I have been doing some poking around just for fum and noticed that we are one of the highest minimum wage centers in the world. I don't know why or how we do it, and still have such a shitty market but apparently where up to 52 USD.


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Threes Company with Chillie Columbia, and Peru!

0 Day 2,535, 16:19 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The dust cloud with Chile has escalated on 3 fronts. Its almost like they decided to attack Chile in a non aggression pact. I'm not surprised if they formed an alliance against Chile, and then went to war after that in a military excersize.


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War with Columbia and Chilie!

1 Day 2,533, 00:39 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Parallel Gamers

We are here to bring you another update with the heating battles of Columbia and Chile. Things are starting to get out of control with attacks on the chain from columbia and chile. It seams the hot zone runs through the upper and

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