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♣ Running for the Knesset ♣

12 Day 1,095, 14:55 Published in Israel Israel

Hi everyone,

My name is Celsius, and Im here to announce my candidacy in Knesset race in Jerusalem. Im going to keep it short, because i hate long articles.

Im new to eIsrael, but I love this place like I love my RL country. The people here,

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All Knesset Members READ

6 Day 1,089, 17:34 Published in Israel Israel

Since the Gavin's Administration is making a push for an increase in Immigration, we (hopefully) will be getting more citizenship requests to support eIsrael. Since Knesset Members are the only ones who can approve these guys officially, it is the

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PTO Irish Benefits

10 Day 1,025, 18:11 Published in Ireland Ireland

I am here to discuss just what PTOers could get from taking over Ireland.

They would get a shit. We have a weak Government as we saw due to our Former Vice. Our economy is shot to hell, and whenever we get something nice, some rogue Politician

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Celsius for Shannon!

11 Day 1,004, 14:16 Published in Ireland Ireland


I am Celsius, currently a Teachta Dála(Congressman) for Northern Ireland from the Irish Freedom Party. Since Northern Ireland was taken from us by the Brits, and now resides with our Allies in eCanada, I have moved to Shannon to seek re-

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Word to the Brits

3 Day 996, 13:13 Published in Ireland Ireland

Get the &*#% outta Ireland. You wouldn't be able to hold our liquor anyways.

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