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Olv007, candidate for the Presidential Elections

22 Day 806, 15:38 Published in Belgium Belgium

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow will be one of the most important days for the continuity of our country. The attacks on me started already like you can read in the article of our friend shadowukcs:

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Olv007, kandidaat voor de presidentsverkiezingen

7 Day 806, 14:49 Published in Belgium Belgium

Beste Belgen,

Morgen wordt de belangrijkste dag voor de toekomst van ons land. De aanvallen op de kandidaten zijn gestart zoals jullie in het artikel kunnen lezen van onze vriend shadowukcs:

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Olv007, candidat à la présidentielle Belge

16 Day 806, 13:28 Published in Belgium Belgium

Bonjour à tous,

Nous voila à l'aube du vote le plus important de notre pays! Les attaques fulgurent déjà comme le prouve cet article de notre ami shadowukcs:

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Belgium for Belgians: Thanks! Merci! Dank u! [EN+FR+NL]

33 Day 798, 13:41 Published in Belgium Belgium

Dear Belgians and friends,

Today we proved to the eworld that eBelgium is a country with a lot of friends. We mobilized 800 people to vote for our party. Unfortunately, some groups still don’t want us to be free and to have our own country.

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22 Day 754, 13:50 Published in Belgium Belgium

Hi guys,

As a Belgian citizen I like to know what you plan to do with my money. You just donated (again) a big amount of Belgian currency to your organization. See here for the proposition

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