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Introducing The Independent State Of Palawan, And The Philippines Rebirth Party

29 Day 919, 19:08 Published in Philippines Philippines

Welcome Back, eFilipinos, to the Philippines Homeland. This island here isn't all of it, but we'll get there. I promise you that much, everyone.

In the meantime, I assume you notice that our Political Parties are no more. As such, Jelly9473 and I

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10 Day 915, 16:05 Published in Philippines Philippines

To all eFilipinos! The region of Visayas, with the Q5 Hospital, has just been attacked. Orders for every citizen is to fight in Visayas with the best weapons you can afford! Visayas must be held!


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[PRES] An Update On Recent Events

14 Day 909, 15:03 Published in Philippines Philippines

Hello, eFilipinos!

The last few days have held some interesting events, including of course, the Party President Elections. I myself won my Party's Presidency to hold it for a sixth time, and … read more »

Cabinet Info, And, Well... Stuff.

12 Day 902, 15:05 Published in Philippines Philippines

Hello, eFilipinos!

I had planned on writing this article yesterday, however, unfortunately, due to an RL occurrence beyond my control, I willingly walked into the unknown

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A Proud Thank You And Inaugural Address

18 Day 898, 19:14 Published in Philippines Philippines

Hello, eFilipinos!

Today, I'm proud to say that I've begun my second term as President of the ePhilippines. Firstly, I would like to congratulate Jootli on his run, although he didn't intend to win, or I personally think he might have. I would

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