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This article started out being 4,500+ words, but I know how you all hate to read

16 Day 953, 10:35 Published in USA USA

I am publishing this, my final article, not because I'm an attention seeking whore looking for some poor SOBs to try and convince me to stay, but as a goodbye to read more »

My Mistake

12 Day 906, 00:53 Published in USA USA

Now that I have returned to the genesis of my eRepublik life and home of my God Emperor, [url=read more »

The Great eDepression

10 Day 836, 23:38 Published in USA USA

It is not unbeknown to you, most likely, that we as a country are seeing hard economic times as well as a lack in overall liveliness in our fair eUS. Here a few scholarly charts I believe you might find as stimulating and shocking as I more »

5 Gold Bikini Give-a-Way

9 Day 835, 16:21 Published in USA USA

Greetings fellow bikini connoisseurs.

The last few weeks I have teamed up with fellow Emerican, [url=
read more »

Bikini Karaoke 'n Free Guns

43 Day 816, 17:23 Published in USA USA

For one night only (TONIGHT), catch "Jon Malcom" and "Joey Jackson" singing IRL karaoke read more »