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The Repentant Ex-President

8 Day 418, 10:02 Published in Japan Japan

I resigned my candidacy for the party president election.
Hitoshi Makoto is doing a good job with the UBN, and I wouldn't really fit to be a leader at this time.

Since I founded the party, I was thinking of seeking the party members' approval of

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Korea Rebels - Food market Restored?

3 Day 414, 21:57 Published in Japan Japan

The Korean province of Jeollanam-do is rebelling, led under an American citizen known as "kingnikolas".
I am not sure how big the rebellion is, but it seems as if though we will currently … read more »

The Upcoming War [UPDATE]

29 Day 410, 18:10 Published in Japan Japan

The Three Options
With Iran to invade China we must decide upon something we can stick by.
I. We can either defend our cultural brothers to the last fight and support their rebellions to keep Pakistan and Iran away from the Korean peninsula. … read more »

Yamato Suzuki is Back

11 Day 410, 14:53 Published in Japan Japan

Hey everyone, I'm sure there's a very small deal of you who remember me, but my name is Yamato Suzuki.
During the beta period in Erepublik I served as foreign minister, and then as president of Japan.
My presidential time is quite notable since it

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Day 287 Report: Parties' Stance on Korea

10 Day 287, 06:53 Published in Japan Japan

I believe something that has been bothering the Korean citizens lately is that the political parties aren't mentioning their stances on how to handle South Korea.
It could make it hard to know who to vote for, since only some parties might consider

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