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Akki - The JLP's Choice

1 Day 470, 20:21 Published in Japan Japan

This will not be an elaborate or long article - it merely announces the fact that the Japanese Labour Party officially endorses Akki for reelection to the presidency for March 2009!

Why does the JLP support Akki? For one, we live in troubled

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JLP Elections over - Gustavius wins

3 Day 454, 13:10 Published in Japan Japan

In a close race, former and current party president Gustavius managed to emerge victorious against his opponent, Ice_Freeze. The Japanese Labour Party congratulates Gustavius to his victory and hopes that he will continue to successfully lead the

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A reminder to JLP members and those interested in joining

2 Day 453, 08:50 Published in Japan Japan

Interesting in joining the Japanese Labour Party? Already a member, but only a 'two clicker'? There are plenty of dicussions going on at our party forum, which can be found at the Japan forum. PM Gustavius or

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New Japanese Labour Party - New Manifest!

6 Day 452, 15:27 Published in Japan Japan

The Japanese Labour Party is proud to announce the release of its new manifest to the people of Japan. Having worked on it for a considerable time, we hope that it will manage to both adequatly represent our goals to the general public as well as

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Phoenix from the Ashes

4 Day 439, 10:56 Published in Japan Japan

A hearty hello to the people of Japan from the Japanese Labour Party!

The departure of our leader and presidential candidate, GLaDOS, was not only a shock for us, but for a lot of people from eJapan. Many people have expressed their sadness at

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