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-IDF Reserves Recruiting + Message to all in the Reserves-

17 Day 679, 17:38 Published in Israel Israel

The Israel Defense Forces Reserves branch is now recruiting!
This branch of the IDF is dedicated to serving and protecting Israel and
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Israeli Citizen Orders Day 674 9/24: Fight in DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA! (22:30)

7 Day 673, 18:35 Published in Israel Israel

The American offensive to regain their capital has begun!


New Jersey and Maryland have been secured!

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New Citizens: How to raise your wellness *editted for American newbies*

10 Day 673, 06:53 Published in Israel Israel

I'm Rusty Randy, General of the IDF Reserves. I've noticed a large amount of newbies stuck in the 40-50 wellness range, which is really easy to avoid through the usage of hospitals during times of war (like right now).

Whenever you fight in a

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