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Interview with the Prime Minister

7 Day 181, 16:38 Published in Romania Romania

As I walked through the hallways of Government Palace I felt excitement grow inside me. I knew this would be a formal appointment, but I also knew my questions were aimed at shedding some light on the past,present and the future events in Romania.

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Interview with Bogdan Adamutz

4 Day 181, 13:59 Published in Romania Romania

It was a splendid day as I waited in Bogdan Adamutz's office. He was, as I've learned in my recent research of Romanian political system, one of the most successful mayors. I could see that looking out of the window as the city of Tiraspol was a

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First few days in Romania. [part2]

13 Day 179, 16:30 Published in Romania Romania

While most of us were grateful to be given the right to watch the news on Romanian channels, the act of kindness wasn't well executed. The Romanian media, being the victors; were filled with images of our conquered cities, their soldiers singing "Deş

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First few days in Romania. [part1]

28 Day 178, 15:42 Published in Romania Romania

It wasn't a suprise. Maybe that was the worst thing about one day waking up to learn that we were from that day forward, Romanians. We knew that their army was just outside the city, but none of us were optimistic enough to believe that the promised

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