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Senate Announcement

11 Day 1,007, 00:12 Published in Australia Australia

I Jc, will be running for senate in South Australia.

what does JC bring to the table you might ask?

I bring these puppies:

and these....


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Bring back the Bromance

8 Day 1,004, 15:57 Published in USA USA

Definition Bro - Always there for his mate no matter the situation.

The Bro Code Articles 1-5

Article 1: Bro's before Ho's

Article 2: A Bro is always entitled to do something stupid, as long as … read more »

Important Announcement

7 Day 1,002, 00:22 Published in Australia Australia

..... That is all. … read more »

Major Channer Banned... Jc Laughs at his Fail

11 Day 856, 03:58 Published in Australia Australia

Level 22
Field Marshal
28 strength
13 Land
Born day 331

after 525 days of the eWorld he is......


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8 Day 783, 16:25 Published in Australia Australia

Hey, I’m Jc and I’m running for ERA party President.

Well I’m from South Australia and proud of it and yes I drink the tap water J which proves my toughness. I been playing Erepublik for about 100 days and made many friends along the way, most of

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