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660 Days Later In Zion

21 Day 905, 08:36 Published in South Africa South Africa


The number of days South Africa has been under occupation.

Breddas and Sistas of Zion, after almost two years since KwaZulu-Natal fell to invading Indonesian forces from Babylon, followed by Free State, Western Cape, … read more »

The Bridge Between Old And New Africa

20 Day 883, 22:49 Published in South Africa South Africa

I-ney, breddas and sistas of Zion,

The old Rasta Lion is asking the support of my friends and family, the people of South Africa, in my humble return to the political … read more »

The Whale Has Been Beached

22 Day 859, 12:31 Published in South Africa South Africa

Today is a great day, breddren and sistren. Today, our hunger for self government and food has been ended:

The Whale Has Been Beached! We are saved!

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The Cycle Of Life Continues

13 Day 857, 09:05 Published in South Africa South Africa

With death comes new life. Each time new invaders and downpressers are expelled from Zion in anguish, Zion grows as strong as a lion's pride, as does also grow the list of those kicked from South Africa:

1. Japs
2. Scrotes
3. Theocrats
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Accounts Of A South African Elephant

12 Day 853, 19:05 Published in South Africa South Africa

A few of us South Africans were walking from Limpopo towards the ports on the east coast looking for a ride to Australia when we came upon a talking elephant. At first, we were taken back by the fact that this elephant could talk, but then we

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