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Blaze of Glory Battle for Western Australia

7 Day 1,132, 07:53 Published in Australia Australia

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So Indoesia has the upper hand right now in the battle for WA only having to win one more skirmish to over run us. Our hopes of keeping a congress seems to have fallen on

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I see the end of Gareth Irwin

38 Day 1,002, 00:50 Published in Australia Australia

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Greetings eAustralia I have awesome news for you all.
In approximately 6 months time I will be becoming a father to my first child 😃 great news hey. I was

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Invaders must die

19 Day 985, 04:58 Published in Australia Australia

In the words of Prodigy
Invaders must die

Nuff said

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AWAR is recruiting

10 Day 968, 22:37 Published in Australia Australia

The Australian West Australian Regiment is recruiting join quick as possitions are filling fast.
Nearly 3 weeks ago AWAR announced it's reformation after the PTO by eIndonesian' … read more »

Calling all Sandgropers AWAR needs YOU!!!

19 Day 951, 03:00 Published in Australia Australia

AWAR militia is still being formed even with the results of the banishment of indo pto'ers if you are interested in joining please PM me.

To answer the cry of war AWAR has been reborn our strength is unquestionable our resolve is just

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