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[Partea 1]Drumul catre succes !!

9 Day 903, 12:41 Published in Romania Romania

Cred ca in mintea fiecaruia dintre noi ne este intiparita intrebarea: "Ce trebuie sa fac sa am succes?"
Acum desigur ca depinde si de fiecare persoana ce intelege prin "succes". Dupa mine , in erepublik pot fi trei

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Selling Smart

2 Day 901, 12:51 Published in Spain Spain

Ok, according to my last article, when i showed you the import tax and VAT from various countries, … read more »

Import taxes and VAT Day 900

8 Day 900, 13:38 Published in Spain Spain

Hi there,

This is my first article so i want to start with the import taxes and VAT around the world. I chosed 7 countries from EDEN ,7 countries from Phoenix and another 4 countries that aren't involved in any of these two

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