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Predictions on National Goals

25 Day 747, 04:37 Published in USA USA

On the 747th day of the New World, for the first time in eRepublik, the countries now have official national goals. 80% of the elected presidents for this month had set official campaign goals that now have become national goals.

On the 4th of

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Game Concepts (Wiki) + Question and Answers (Forum)

5 Day 493, 06:12 Published in Romania Romania


Game Concepts (Wiki)

Questions and Answers (Forum)

01) Wellness
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What to do if ...

5 Day 493, 06:11 Published in Romania Romania

1) ... my family wants to play eRepublik and we share the same IP ?

The use of the same IP by more than one citizen is NOT considered to be a criterion of determining multiple accounts.
There aren't any restrictions, and we hope all of

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eRepublik 15 Secrets Uncovered

4 Day 398, 02:27 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

1) In order to receive the '[url=http://]Super Soldier[/url]' achievement, citizens HAVE to be military trained as soldiers and to have FOUGHT at least ONCE.

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War Research - Q5 weapons vs. Q1 + wellness packs

45 Day 397, 13:14 Published in Romania Romania

I have made a study on how to optimize individual fight strategy.

Force = Strength value * Wellness influence * Rank influence * Weapon * Trivia

* Wellness influence = 1 + ((Wellness - 25) / 100)
* Rank influence = 1 + (Rank

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