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Headshot Hospitals Update

14 Day 221, 21:56 Published in Norway Norway

Another business in Norway closes its doors.

After nearly four weeks of waiting on the Norwegian government to purchase a hospital at the price the President suggested, Headshots Hospital has found it necessary to lock out its employees and close

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Disenfranchised in Norway... Again!

8 Day 214, 00:33 Published in Norway Norway

For the first time since becoming a citizen of e-republik, I did not vote in an election.

Why, you may ask?

It was not because I did not go to the polls. Nor was it because I lived in a region where no one had been nominated.

I did not

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April Profit Sharing Statement

1 Day 194, 20:16 Published in Norway Norway

Winter Wheat [RUS] announces its second monthly Gold profit sharing disbursement.

The company made Gold profits during the month of April of 25.35 Gold. This amount was disbursed according the plan as previously announced.

Company (1 Share) =

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Gold Profit Sharing

3 Day 176, 01:53 Published in Norway Norway

A few have asked me, if I intend to continue the Gold Profit Sharing program for my employees at Winter Wheat, now that the company has become part of the Norwegian economy. The answer is a resounding, YES!

The shares may not be as much this

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Employees Needed

0 Day 173, 20:36 Published in Norway Norway

I am the GM of six companies that are in need of employees (most of my previous employees either were forced to resign from my companies when their province was conquered, or have resigned in order to leave the Nordic empire to immigrate to another

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