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Business Weekly - Week 1

0 Day 450, 22:48 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Factsheet for the UK Forums for our Economic Basics

As requested in our thread for open questions, we've started publishing a small factsheet for UK GM's and prospective GM's to look at BEFORE they haul off and open a company. The … read more »

Proper Relocation - Proper Paper

0 Day 448, 16:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just as an FYI, we are now nicely settled into our offices here in the Ministry in Liverpool. Any updates from the Ministry of Trade (which most of you know I write often) will now come from this paper, including our weekly exporting advice, RM

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0 Day 349, 00:53 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Today, I'd like to announce that the Department of Trade offices have officially been relocated to an Organization rather than an SO. Seeing as how it's taking so long, I did not wish to lose all of the monies we've had built into this organization,

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