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Guess Who's Back? It's AidenAstrup!

20 Day 1,435, 18:22 Published in USA USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Yea, I've decided to come back and check eRepublik back out. Did anyone miss me while I was gone?

Oh, and sorry about the whole t'jelle thing. Seriously, if it was possible to keep it going, I would have done so.

So, what's new around here?

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Buying ERX - Can You Turn It Around?

34 Day 1,145, 08:50 Published in USA USA

If you have management capabilities, and a solid business plan and think you have the ability to turn around ERX, please send a message to me with the subject "ERX Purchase". There are a lot of depositors who want ERX up and running again and it

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t'jelle Bankruptcy Notice: ERX & t'jelle Bank Closed

225 Day 1,134, 14:09 Published in USA USA

It is with regret that I address you all today. A couple of months ago, ERX suffered from a combination of severe processing errors from handling thousands of deposits/withdrawals a day and from various small bugs - causing large amounts of Gold to

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t’jelle: Integrated Fiscal & Business Report - November 2010

24 Day 1,100, 03:59 Published in USA USA

t’jelle shareholders, ERX CEO's & Investors,

It has been an interesting few months. Our largest service, ERX, has gained over 11,000 users now and over 14,000 Gold is placed inside. Activity continues to grow, and as we release more features,

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New Changes Coming To ERX! HUGE Audit Dept. Revamp!

41 Day 1,043, 14:09 Published in USA USA

Hello ERX Users!

As of tomorrow, all withdrawals and deposits will have a 1% fee added to them. Note that this is not for our profit line! Admin charges us a fee to use the API system which allows us to give you instant deposit and withdrawal

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