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My Congressional Voting Record: Day 555

4 Day 555, 14:37 Published in USA USA

Mutual Protection Pact: Approved

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My Congressional Voting Record: Day 554

3 Day 554, 17:34 Published in USA USA

Donate: Approved
Mutual Protection Pact: Rejected

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5 Day 554, 16:48 Published in USA USA

Okays so as a Libertarian I have learned to hate taxes, however... sometimes in this game it is necessary to sacrifice some. It bothers me to say it but, taxes are extremely necessary. We must replenish our treasury... so we can go to WAR!!!

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Moving Reform

0 Day 554, 16:35 Published in USA USA

Okay, so moving to vote in your own countries for congressman is understood and should be allowed. On the other hand, PTO's are becoming extremely annoying and dangerous. Something seems wrong with PTO's and I just can't put my finger on it. A

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Contract Reform

0 Day 554, 16:16 Published in USA USA

First I would like to advocate that the game designers add a contract form. We don't want to overwhelm the eRepublik staff with the in-game responsibility of enforcing contracts, so they should put into place a new public office... we should have a

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