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Who plays with fire....

45 Day 1,096, 02:36 Published in Spain Spain

could be burned alive......

Few day ago, i told to France to stop playing with adult people. France is as a Child, shouting around an adult....when adult is tired of the shouts, he give a slap to the child.

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Hungary...Where is Hungary?

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Full of Win

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Full of win

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Polvo sudor y Sangre...

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Bueno quiero relatar un poco todo el movimiento de los últimos días, y daros una visión “desde dentro” a … read more »

Jazar Spain Did It For You!!!

112 Day 1,071, 12:14 Published in Spain Spain

Jazar, one of the most important citizens of Brazil....the one that one year ago support Real Live Terrorism vs Spain... the One that always tell that NoB can't be conquered by more »