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ANP - The Right Side

9 Day 599, 20:33 Published in Australia Australia

There's a new energy around the ANP recently. We see the need for a real alternative and we're working hard to get there.

Ever wondered why in RL Australia goes for a while with Liberal and then switches to Labour. Too long with one and the

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Market Review 070709

7 Day 595, 07:27 Published in Australia Australia

Well it's been a stunning 10 days in some of the markets with some clear market manipulation attempts as well as some big and disturbing numbers.

Let's get some acronyms explained as I tend to talk in shorthand.
TMS - Total Market stock or the

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Market Review 270609

12 Day 585, 06:35 Published in Australia Australia

As deputy MOI, I'm doing a lot of looking into the health of our markets, so I have a few insights to share. As a firm believer in a free market, I feel it's best to provide current and potential GM's with more information so that they can make

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Scorpion Stinger - Candidate for NT

1 Day 583, 04:53 Published in Australia Australia

After the debacle of last month's NSW election, I am once again running for congress for the ANP.

I hope to represent the diamond capital of eOz - Northern Territory. As all Territorians already know, it's a place of high alcoholic consumption

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EOz's Foreign Affairs options - Indonesia!

25 Day 550, 20:15 Published in Australia Australia

I know this one will get flamed, but why not have the debate!

Australia should complete the reclaiming of it's native territories with the understanding that at the end of that process, it will join Indonesia as a full blown ally.

I do

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