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Join eIDF הצטרף לצה"ל

6 Day 1,045, 07:10 Published in Israel Israel

Join eIDF, for a brighter future!

The only thing that’s new about this article since last time is the changed link and this paragraph. Other than that, it’s re-published through the eIDF org. only to make it more … read more »

The Battle for Alaska, Citizen Orders, Day 1011

2 Day 1,011, 10:30 Published in Israel Israel

Battle coordination will take place on, channel #eIDF. I will be in there today, and I will be commanding forces on the battlefield. Once you've joined the battle, come to this channel and await further orders.

Minister of

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Citizen Orders, Day 1006

6 Day 1,006, 09:07 Published in Israel Israel

The North Korean attack on Western Siberia is purely for tactical purposes. Don't deploy there or even fight, if some North Koreans join. Save your health and your weapons for the bigger attacks.

Maybe we can get Top Ten again eIsrael.

Hey, ya

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15 Day 1,005, 22:39 Published in Israel Israel

Israel has placed in the Top Ten countries in the battle of Far Eastern Russia. We showed, that against all odds, we are still a nation of fighters, dreamers, … read more »

Rebirth of the eIsraeli Defense Force

16 Day 961, 07:49 Published in Israel Israel

:: Rebirth of the eIDF ::

As you may know, President Franz Kafka has named me General and placed me in charge of reforming the eIsraeli Defense Force (eIDF). I am happy to accept the challenge that lay before me. I do hope to show … read more »