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Sorry Belgium

41 Day 2,534, 09:21 Published in Belgium Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I apologize for my decision, but this way we do not have congress this month...


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BCP official candidates [updated]

5 Day 1,070, 04:26 Published in Belgium Belgium

In Brussels vote for tiltas or Theneka

In Flanders vote for Critically or Jorne Reynders

If you want vote for them and need tickets just send

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BCP - PP Elections

9 Day 1,059, 16:36 Published in Belgium Belgium

Hello comrades!

My name is Ernest Bogdansson and I am a candidate for the Party President position.
I'm Junior Minister of Ministry of Education and Culture.
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Do not...

3 Day 1,008, 15:38 Published in Belgium Belgium

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