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[Phoenix]An awesome farewell to v1 by Phoenix

129 Day 958, 15:10 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear Citizens of Phoenix,

We had a big party at the end of v1.

We cut one of the biggest arteries of EDEN.
We got Croatia's untouchable regions which are Slavonia and [url=http://www.

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[Phoenix]Rhone Alps and New Headquarters

251 Day 957, 15:41 Published in France France

Dear citizens of Phoenix and France,

We are glad to announce that after several negotiations, Hungary and France have come to an agreement regarding the Rhone Alps.

The region will be rented by Hungary for 4 months, with the starting date of 1

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Letnix, where ar... UHHH blondes

40 Day 957, 10:33 Published in Sweden Sweden

Good evening eSweden,

Some of you should have noticed that your country is under attack by eGermany (At this point i want to thank your CP for finally opening my way). I´m coming to search for our former president Letnix, please don´t fear

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[Phoenix]Training War

55 Day 955, 11:26 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear Phoenix members,

To update you on the training war, we have closed the long running Training War in Russia and have moved to a new one between Hungary and Austria. All Phoenix countries are free to participate free of charge.

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OMG - Kongress Sign Up

11 Day 941, 03:52 Published in Germany Germany

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Einen wunderschönen sonnigen Tag,

Zunächst einmal mö

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