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Introducing Our Newest Members

174 Day 1,001, 11:15 Published in Hungary Hungary

Introducing our newest members..

Over the past months, Phoenix aided Entente in fighting battles, and resisting EDEN PTO’s. Two countries in particular have made bonds with Phoenix, and over the past months have formed great friendships.

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[Phoenix]War Updates and Guides

73 Day 995, 11:20 Published in Hungary Hungary

Dear Citizens of the Phoenix,

As a small update on the hacks, we have worked very hard for the last few days to restore our recent gains, which we were losing due to the malicious hack on our countries. As you can see from [url=http://
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[Phoenix]Official Statement on Hacking

144 Day 991, 12:59 Published in Hungary Hungary

Dear citizens of Phoenix,

Friday evening (Erepublik Time), we saw battlefields open from some of our largest and most strategically located countries.
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[Phoenix]New Month, New Goals

59 Day 990, 07:34 Published in Serbia Serbia

Hello Phoenix,

Once again, we've reached a new month. With new Presidents settling into their offices, and new duties, dreams, and hopes to fulfill, we write to you today to tell you about tomorrow. Today is always a hectic, and
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[Phoenix] An Awesome hello to ‘Rising’ from Phoenix

115 Day 976, 13:54 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear citizens of Phoenix.

Following our awesome party at the end of V1, Flik_Kenni , BattalGazi, Donnie Bronco, Myself and others all decided that we should continue our partying.

We thought we would invite all of Eden to our after party,

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