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[PHX] The New Countries

119 Day 1,039, 06:26 Published in Serbia Serbia

-Defend Liaoning-

As you may have read in the latest

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Last Nights Battles

169 Day 1,024, 03:48 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria

Last Night, two regions were RW’d back into the hands of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This came as a blow to Phoenix, after Bulgaria had funded swaps to allow them to occupy these regions, including a high grain region.

Several battles opened, … read more »

New month, new leaders, new vision.

86 Day 1,021, 09:21 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear friends,

It is a new month and we have many new faces in Phoenix. At the same time Presidents are elected, outgoing administrations cast their vote for the Phoenix leadership team for the coming month. Without further ado then, I … read more »

Phoenix and eIndia: Common Goals

116 Day 1,018, 17:40 Published in India India

Citizens of Phoenix, Eden and neutral countries,

Just some Minutes ago eSerbia started a series of swaps through eIndia. I will try to explain the nature, the goal and the consequences of these swaps.

After months of negotiations and talks

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Dear Admins

424 Day 1,014, 08:12 Published in Hungary Hungary

Dear Admins;

We noticed that you were kind enough to your favourite countries, Poland and China to close some battles that had opened last night. On the grounds of the war not being opened in the correct fashion.

We understand that you … read more »