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Bulgaria - Iran agreement

77 Day 1,062, 09:38 Published in Serbia Serbia

Hello everyone.

Some weeks ago, our two members reached an agreement about renting Iranian high grain to Bulgaria.

This is a deal that will hopefully help bring the two countries together
and closer, helping both to gain economic benefits,

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[PHOENIX] Day 1049 - The day it got personal.

201 Day 1,050, 07:41 Published in Serbia Serbia

One of the darkest days in the history of our alliance, and its various preceding alliances, was had yesterday: our almighty Lion read more »

Here we go again...

85 Day 1,048, 16:53 Published in Hungary Hungary

Good evening everyone,

Another short article and announcement. 🙂

The tireless forces of EDEN have once again decided to attack the Phoenix fortress region of Liaoning.

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Change is constant

88 Day 1,047, 10:09 Published in Russia Russia

Hello everyone,
This is me, and this will be a very short article, just providing you with some new info.
A lot of work needs to be done, there's no time to lose and as the title

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[Phoenix] The hope dies at last

184 Day 1,040, 11:00 Published in Russia Russia

Original image created by Michael Collins, RIP

Yesterday, we saw a worldwide warfare technique which is pretty well known to EDEN, the age old "lets attack everything we can and hope that we … read more »