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[Phoenix] ePortugese ATO

46 Day 1,080, 15:16 Published in Portugal Portugal

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[Phoenix] eRussian ATO

141 Day 1,080, 14:43 Published in Russia Russia

Dear Phoenix brothers!

As you know, eRussia is being under PTO threat these presidential elections. Due to the lack of Congress it provides free citizenship for everyone this month, and hordes of malicious EDEN trolls already flooded the country.

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[Phoenix] eRussian & ePortugese ATO

143 Day 1,080, 04:46 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear members of PHOENIX,

It was a long time since I wrote my last article about Phoenix. As for now, everybody should have realized that we, Phoenix, are struggling with the new no limit nature of the game that we are forced to play. Yes, it may

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Donnie for President

20 Day 1,079, 02:21 Published in Germany Germany

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Donnie for President

47 Day 1,077, 13:29 Published in Germany Germany

In einigen Tagen stehen die Präsidentschaftswahlen an. … read more »