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German and Austrian Liberation

47 Day 1,100, 02:20 Published in Germany Germany

Dear Allies and Friends of eGermany,

In the last couple of days we had some events around eGermany and eAustria. 4 Days ago eItaly was kind enough to let eGermany get their regions back and prevent a PTO.

What were they doing?

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[Phoenix] Fightback

304 Day 1,098, 08:38 Published in Russia Russia

Dear friends,

I have come to leadership of Phoenix at a difficult time. However the difficulties haven’t done anything but push us closer together; the friendships we forged … read more »

[PHOENIX] GGRyan's entry to PHOENIX

112 Day 1,084, 11:26 Published in Russia Russia

As I entered Phoenix HQ for my meeting with the boss himself, the whole thing seemed like a maze. So many people and so many places, but then, I guess that's the best bit about a place like Phoenix?


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PHOENIX losing? I say no

197 Day 1,082, 06:08 Published in Russia Russia

Dear citizens,

Most of you will know that we recently liberated Russia in a successful Resistance War in the Far Eastern Region of Russia, which was conquered by the Americans. The same happened to Portugal, which was conquered by Spain.

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Vote Donnie for President > Link zu den Wahlen <

9 Day 1,081, 04:28 Published in Germany Germany

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