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[Phoenix] Ashes to Ashes

159 Day 1,368, 14:38 Published in Serbia Serbia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dear Members of Phoenix,

I have come back to take the leadership of Phoenix at a difficult time. It is time to rise and to start moving forward. It is our goal to aim for excellence as our former SG Dishmcds claimed 500 days ago. He explained

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[Phoenix] A birthday to remember

256 Day 1,112, 10:46 Published in Turkey Turkey

Dear friends,

I have written and re-written many articles over the last few days. Looking at my last attempt, hoping to salvage it, I realised that everything had changed and … read more »

[Phoenix] Uprising

184 Day 1,104, 07:27 Published in Indonesia Indonesia

Dear friends,

Over the past two days so much has happened that I find … read more »

[Phoenix] From the brink of defeat

178 Day 1,102, 11:55 Published in Brazil Brazil

Dear friends,

From the brink of defeat, victory. That is the thought in my mind now. On the 25th of November we saw a great battle raging. A battle greater than LK or CBE were, … read more »

[Phoenix] Russia ATO ~ The most important vote you will ever cast

118 Day 1,100, 12:49 Published in Serbia Serbia

Dear friends,

I said two days ago that Phoenix was pulling together, that we were rising, and that we wouldn’t give up until our regions were free. A lot of people in the … read more »