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Military consequences of a rising Pakistan, war with the United States

36 Day 1,058, 10:27 Published in Australia Australia

This is all conjecture, in case its not already patently obvious


This article will seek to lay out the current situation with regards to Pakistan, and the ramifications of a the emergence of a free agent Super Power. This … read more »

First Day as a Holy Warrior of Dio

31 Day 1,057, 10:29 Published in Australia Australia

For months now, I have been a man without purpose, sitting in the shadowy ruins of my beloved eAustralia. After so long at eRepublik, I had seemingly come to the conclusion that there was nothing left for me in this world. V2 sucked, everyone was

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Skynet hijacks Central Europe, advances into Hungary

37 Day 995, 07:24 Published in Hungary Hungary


Yesterday we reported on the advance of Skynet forces in East Asia. As of publication today, all of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have been assimilated into Skynet. But the … read more »

Skynet advances in Southeast Asia, Brazil defeated in Mexico

33 Day 994, 13:40 Published in USA USA


The machines continued their inexorable march in the Oceanic sector today, with a Malysian bot army overrunning the Philippines defenses in the region of Sarawak. According to frontline reports, the … read more »

Reporting live from the Irish Front. D.I.R to return to War Coverage

31 Day 992, 19:47 Published in USA USA

Since there has been a dramatic lack of war reporting of late, I figured I should dust off my old reporters hat and start covering the wars again, since understanding what is going on is of such critical importance to enjoying the game. Over the

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