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Military Mahem: Opinion of a Citizen Soldier

13 Day 1,235, 21:36 Published in USA USA

What… The… Hell… Seriously?

No point in rehashing. The eUSA is at war with itself. While being invaded. Great. Brilliant. Awesome to the max. … read more »

Endorsement of Sir Valaro Volcrum

11 Day 1,199, 19:25 Published in USA USA

Imagine that, Hoss supports SVV! No big surprise, right? I mean I am the President of the US Defense Party, and SVV happens to be our country president candidate. Actually, I … read more »

US Defense Party Update

11 Day 1,185, 07:08 Published in USA USA


I'd like to thank all 40 of you who voted for me for Party President. I really do feel honored to have received all of your votes. We came … read more »

Short, Simple, Sweet USDP Announcements

17 Day 1,164, 20:25 Published in USA USA

Election Results

It is with great pride that I acknowledge the four United States Defense Party Congressmen. Oh, and a Congresswoman. Maybe a Congress Pig too? … read more »

Everyone Likes a Little DP

21 Day 1,155, 08:24 Published in USA USA

A Little Background

A few weeks ago I was lurking on Rizon. It’s something I do a lot. Browse the web while sitting on Rizon. Its fun for me, helps me … read more »