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Christmas Reinstated!

16 Day 1,130, 08:35 Published in USA USA

Disregard that last article, as word has come that I cuck socks.

In news, Dio has reinstated Christmas, and has burnt Stockholm and Madrid to the ground as a present to all of us!

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Christmas is cancelled

9 Day 1,130, 05:56 Published in USA USA

Sorry guys, but I just got the news. So go ahead and throw away your wrapped gifts, go back to work, stop fighting with your family, put the prostitute away, burn down the tree, pour the eggnog down the drain 2 days early, stop pretending to love

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I have something to say about all this

81 Day 1,121, 16:48 Published in USA USA

Nicholas Ryan is the coolest guy on IRC, and has a huge package.

Wallingbottom is your daddy.

Fionia is still tsuper tsundere for us, and has always been a huge liar.

Greek Hoplite is the real USWP PTO. I' … read more »

Indonesia loveing russia

38 Day 1,101, 22:33 Published in Russia Russia

Hello! am gagah, was president Indonesia 2009 for impeach and am say Hello! at you russia Hello!

Am happy 🙂 to russia today voteing russia today and very Indonesia love russia! Yes!

Am current American infiltrator am

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West Alaska stolen by Russian Peasants, fairly? You decide.

963 Day 1,073, 11:52 Published in USA USA

About thirty minutes ago, we lost our state of West Alaska, the state that started the phrase "the Northern Lights never fade in the Mastercard Empire".

We lost it, and we were in the

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