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I have returned

18 Day 1,121, 13:17 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hey everyone 🙂 Nowe talked to me about recent events, and I've decided to give this game another shot. Glad to be back... so much has changed.

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A goodbye from a longtime eMalaysian

10 Day 859, 07:13 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hey, I just want to get it on the record that I'm probably heading for eSA, due to the higher wages. I might be back, I might even be somewhere different after that, I don't know. But I really don't have any reason to stay here, and haven't since I

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An Alarming New Era : My run for PP and other things

2 Day 720, 20:35 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hello again everyone!

I was originally planning to write this article later, but I [url=

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Platform Badlands17 untuk Presidensi Penggal ke-dua (dan terakhir)

0 Day 683, 01:42 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hello semua! Saya rasa kebanyakan rakyat FRoSEA akan bersetuju yang penggal presidensi pertama saya berjaya – dengan lebih banyak simpanan wang di Bank Negara dan lebih ramai penduduk FRoSEA. I berharap kita akan meneruskan perkembangan dan

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Platform for My Second Term

15 Day 682, 14:08 Published in Malaysia Malaysia

Hello everyone! I think most everyone would say that my first term has been a success, with more money in the Central Bank, and more people than ever before. I hope we would be able to keep this success going into a second term, with new ideas and … read more »