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Time to unite as one eAustralia!

20 Day 760, 21:40 Published in Australia Australia

I wake up this passed morning (day 760) and what do I find but possible conspiracies, fired cabinet members and people ready to rip out each other’s throats. The only question I have is; why the hell is going on in eAustralia?

This is not the

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Congratulations to Cozza, Garven and my supporters!

11 Day 747, 18:04 Published in Australia Australia

This article is a little overdue imo; I graduated from college today so I have been uber busy until now. First off I would like to congratulate Cozza on winning the PM election. I would also like to congratulate Garven on putting up one hell of a

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Vote 4 Newt Gingrich!

2 Day 745, 21:47 Published in Australia Australia

People of eAustralia,

It's almost time for the PM I have one last thing to say:

I'm here, I'm ready, I'm right and I hope to lead eAustralia into the future.

A vote for Newt is a vote for common sense 😃

So don't forget,

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Newt Gingrich Prime Minister Platform and Cabinet

18 Day 742, 22:41 Published in Australia Australia

This is my platform for what I plan to do and what I would like to accomplish if elected Prime Minister in the upcoming election. I will break it down as to what I see are the main issues that I feel should to be addressed this month.


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Newt Gingrich 4 Prime Minister!

23 Day 740, 21:57 Published in Australia Australia

People of eAustralia,

Today I officially announce on eRepublik that I, Newt Gingrich, will be running for Prime Minister of eAustralia for the December term under the flagship of the ANP. I have be weighing for months now whether to run or not

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